Flynt Hylls Gypsy Flash

Imported 2005

GHRA  B00000273

in foal to Flynt Hylls Gypsy Flynn


Flash was the first mare we purchased so many years ago. She has been a good broodmare and has proven very generous to the qualities of the stallion. Flash also passes on her heavy roaning (she is not bladong/sabino), and she has produced black and white tobianos as well. She has given us an incredible range of color in her foals, and always produces quality.

Flash is one of our larger mares, standing 14.3. By reports from those who have purchased her offspring her babies are finishing around 15 hands. 

April 2015 update: We have been researching bloodlines and DNA on some of our early mares, trying to discover parentage information. We have recently matched Flash to several horses out of the Lion King and Rose lines. We will keep our fans informed as soon as we can confirm any information.

DNA Testing: EE aa nT Sabino nn PSSM n/n

Height: 14.3 hands

Cannon Bone Circumference:


Here are some of the babies this pairing  has produced over the years. Some black, some tobiano, some with heavy roaning like mom.